Vue Eco Village is a sustainable property development utilising green building & construction techniques and innovations.


Our focus on sustainability is reflected in the structures and use of processes that are both environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.

This has been achieved through a close collaboration at all project stages with Harley Graham Architects from Byron Bay and sustainability experts Omnexa Group, a world-class energy engineering company. Together, their practices, techniques and skills combine to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment, community and health.

Our approach to sustainable property development aims to:
  • Minimise negative environmental impacts and enhance the local area
  • Reduce the energy and water intensity of properties we develop
  • Maximise the sustainable use of resources
  • Reduce the material intensity of property
  • Utilise recycled materials and enhance recyclability
  • Extend durability and functionality

Our proposed thermophilic wall utilises latent heat to absorb the thermal energy of the oncoming fire front before it reaches the residential properties.

Ahmed El Safty, Principal Engineer and CEO at Omnexa


Omnexa, through its affiliated entity, Energy Consulting Engineers, is pleased to announce that it has signed a research partnership with Green Vision Developments to provide the Vue Eco Village in Goonellabah, NSW with a world-first integrated, bushfire protected, microgrid community system.

Energy islanding technology
In the event of a fire, storm, or blackout residents can stay safe and continue to enjoy uninterrupted energy usage.


As a team, we have now created a model for regional Australia: a prefabricated housing construction system that is bushfire protected, energy-independent and sustainableā€

Scott Wharton, Managing Director at Green Vision Developments


Prefabricated construction is now on Government and commercial building agendas in Australia, Europe, Japan, and the USA , where it is seen as an important way of improving quality and cost within the traditional slow changing construction industry. The convergence of this thinking, combined with emerging technologies and materials solutions, means that modular off-site construction is now more viable and more relevant than ever. Benefits of prefabricated construction:

  • More than 90% complete upon arrival to the site
  • Building time is greatly reduced.
  • Built to all state and local codes, for any climate and terrain.
  • Exceeds standard structural requirements.
  • More predictability in time and cost.
  • Assembly line construction means precision quality control.
  • Process repetition means trade specialisation.
  • A climate-controlled factory environment means no weather delays.
  • Less environmental impact on the building site.
  • Less risk of time and financial loss due to scheduling of trades and material theft on site.
  • Modular factories can achieve 50% to 75% less waste than the equivalent site-built product through precision cutting and factory processes.
  • The ability to incorporate integrated, pre-packaged green solutions


Residents will benefit by saving up to 75% off normal power bills due to our energy efficient design.

Organic fresh fruit and vegetables grown from our onsite permaculture gardens which are managed by experienced permaculture gardeners will be available year round.



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